Cass Wennlund


Cass Wennlund

As the Attorney-Owner of Wennlund & Associates, Cass Wennlund blends wisdom with contemporary insight, actively shaping the legal system.

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Cass Wennlund, born on August 24, 1966, is a proud native of New Lenox, Illinois, where he represents the third generation of the Wennlund family. A devoted resident of Will County, Cass embarked on his legal journey over three decades ago, emerging as a stalwart figure in the Illinois legal landscape. As the Attorney-Owner of Wennlund & Associates, he blends wisdom with contemporary insight, actively shaping the legal system. Cass extends his commitment beyond the courtroom as the New Lenox Township Supervisor, showcasing leadership and public service dedication. A loving husband and father, Cass embraces a well-rounded life, finding joy in water skiing, travel, hunting, and the outdoors. His story reflects a steadfast legal professional, a dedicated community leader, and a loving family man, embodying an unwavering commitment to justice, community, and a balanced life.

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